My Way or What?

One of the biggest difficulties a community can face is when a powerful individual or small group of individuals are willing to risk destruction just to get their own way.  Mind you, these people havhelp coachinge existed throughout history, and they often used warfare or exile as a way of solving differences.   “All or nothing” seems to be their motto, and whether or not they are in the right, the main problem is that this negotiation strategy is never Win-Win, so losses are guaranteed for both sides (even if they don’t realize it at that time).   This problem (or situation) is hard to handle because so many of us want to promote freedom of speech and individuality, and modern society actively promotes empowerment. But, but just as a child will run away from home to teach the parents a lesson, some individuals will feel their belief is worth dying for.   Friends, as far as I am concerned, this is a scary thought! Though, in all fairness, it is also the foundation of revolutions and  the social reform that led to present day society.

“Might makes right” sounds attractive, especially when we are in a position of strength or have a hideaway where we can be safe, but sticking our head in the sand will not save us from danger.   Thus, modern society has made many laws to protect individuals without power, such as renters, children, employees, battered spouses, etc., recognizing the limits to cordial negotiations. These “social rights” are often hailed as ground breaking, but laws alone cannot build a community: they are like Band-Aids or casts after   to a person who had an accident. theyThese laws can only help the body (individual or community) repair itself.   In other words, as many areas in conflict have found out time and time again, enforcement and policing cannot build new futures: only people working together to innovate or to create can do this.    Yet many of us haven’t learned from history.

Many of us focus on punishing what we disagree with, instead of promoting ideals.  Did you know that mental health and body issues were once treated with electric shock and high dose radiation treatments in order to kill off whatever was causing the condition?  For those of you who do not know, these extreme treatments were neither effective nor efficient, and are now only used in very special cases.

This is true in every area of human endeavor, part of the historical “sink or swim” and “survival of the fittest” and “over my dead body” schools of raising children, in which extreme negative enforcement (which some may consider abuse) is common.    If one child is stealing food, keep all of them away from the pantry. If one worker slacks off, punish all of them.  If one politician is corrupt, accuse and attack all of them.  The extreme case, very common in this “non-violent” modern era is that  in order to prove ourselves right, many of us are willing to paralyze an industry or country via strikes, shut downs, or refusal to approve a budget or activity.   Some have even said that we are lemmings marching towards disaster, but it is worse than being lemmings, because only a few are actively blocking growth and survival – others simply look on and applaud or boo – as if it were entertainment on TV and not their future at stake.

In the case of the Bitcoin community, there is a conflict going on that threatens to lead Bitcoin into the “has been” garbage can of history.  If Bitcoin cannot be the system and product that commerce can use, it will be replaced by a cryptocurrency that can respond quickly to user’s needs.

Similarly, human-on-human violence, including warfare, continues creating strife throughout the world, hiding behind many beliefs and even laws.  In the places where this violence is common, economic and social development lags, education and childhood suffer, and whole regions are excluded from the benefits of modern civilization.  Worse yet, a few regions have gone from prosperity to misery in just a few years, destroying dreams, hopes and much of their success.   The refugee crisis is but one of the many examples of how we are mishandling our future, creating huge masses of humanity that have nothing left to lose but their biological life.

Am I oversimplifying the issues?   Probably, but I don’t think we need all the details:  I think many of the details and arguments in the media are distracting us from the reality of each issue, mainly because the media wants to promote some sensationalism and sell (more newspapers) their ongoing services.

Each interest group promotes their own beliefs, standards and way of doing things.  This is normal and the human way of dealing with life.  But we also have to consider that there are many individuals who have not decided what they want in every aspect of their lives.  In my case, I question and wonder and, yes, sometimes I let other people decide for me.  But I still pay attention, because if those people start moving in the wrong direction (as far as my interests go), I have to take action quickly.

Similarly, in many areas of human endeavor, most people often stand in the sidelines and watch, or applaud one side of the other, or trash one side or the other… without realizing how that a foolish conflict could have long lasting effect for all.   We have seen this in human history, including conflict between neighbors, and families, even brothers and sisters.  Yet our history books celebrate the victories that led to social reform and benefits for many people in spite of  the unnecessary conflict that may have ensued.

The principles of non-violence do not only apply to physical aggression: they also apply to verbal and ideological violence, and Each of us should understand that modern society requires non-violent interactions for success. And, dear reader, non-violent exchanges have characterized our greatest achievements in the past 200 years, in every continent and region when democracy, empowerment and goodwill have been given a chance.

To conclude then, both as a representative of the Cryptocurrency Standards Association, as well as a member of my New York State community, and the other groups I am part of, I ask you the following questions:

: do you want to be right at all costs, or do you want yourself, your family and your communities to grow and develop?

Might they grow and develop differently than what you expect?

As a father I learned from my children and grew in wisdom as I allowed them to make decisions and some mistakes,  and I let them learn from those mistakes- I learned not to  control any of my children, so how could I expect to control my neighbors, friends, acquaintances and strangers?

I believe all people think and act as individuals and have achieved success in life on their own terms.  Thus, my children were successful following their ideals, not mine: which means they have surpassed everything I expected.

Think about it: we can have a voice for the future, or simply stand firm and say “My way, or no way”.  Or, is there another way?

For the record, and only half in gest, I would never tell anyone “over my dead body” especially when they may be holding a weapon… concealed or in the open… Think about it.


About Manny Perez

President of the Democratic Heights Club, creating a new age for democracy, President of Space Renaissance USA, promoting US leadership of civilian space development, Founder and Co-Chair of the Cryptocurrency Standards Association, CRYPSA, Certified Professional Coach, Certified AML and Compliance Specialist. I promote success and empowerment of entrepreneurs and leaders, including those of new technology. devs.
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1 Response to My Way or What?

  1. Interesting point of view Manny. One thing I have learnt is never say never. “Over my dead body” yes, if that is my only option left to protect someone I love from attach. Our soldiers do it all the time in defense of our nation and all of us living within our nation.

    My opinion is people fight over greed. The “haves” don’t want to share or give what they “have” to others. The “don’t haves” want what the “haves” have. Individuality and perception plays a big part in this greed.

    The “haves” don’t want to share because “they worked hard for what they have”. The perception is they think the “don’t haves” must be lazy because if they worked hard then they should “have” too.

    The “don’t haves” are working hard in their own perspective but don’t think they are getting equal to the “haves” . So you are right, it does become “MY WAY OR WHAT”

    The complexity of “Individuality” isn’t about just how one is raised. So many factors in life, from genetics and money, education, punishments and rewards, to medication, peers and everything in-between made up who we are and what we become. That “lucky break success” or that “bad luck failure”.

    And you are SOOOO right, when it comes to the role the media plays in those perspectives and perceptions. The facts get twisted to make a great story, or they pick “their” cause to sensationalize and promote. Sometimes though, the news or social media actually get it right and pick a worthy cause.

    A product will sell for three reasons, 1. It’s that good and people will pay a fair price for it.
    2. Because it’s not so good but really cheap.
    3. Because someone makes it SOUND really good and worth the price.

    Your questions are not easy ones nor are they black and white when it comes to answering them.

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