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The Economy has 3 Monetary Eco-systems

This July the observational conclusion that there is a different model for describing economic systems will be explained in my book “Three Monetary Eco-systems” which will be published on Amazon, in Kindle and hardcover formats.  Why?  Because mainstream economists have … Continue reading

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Interconnectedness vs. Tribalism

Tribalism, which we also call factionalism, populism, niches, etc., has seemed to gain strength in the last few decades, as the age of interconnectedness has created realities that are not only incomprehensible but that seem dangerous to different groups of … Continue reading

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Interconnectedness for Purpose or Function?

In previous articles I have described the Interconnectedness of 21st Century individuals as an emerging communication and extended network ecology between individuals, technology, artificial intelligence, control systems, and other decision making and communication processes that I don’t even know exist.  … Continue reading

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The Big Value in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

The true value of Bitcoin is not what you think. As I see it, cryptocurrency does not replace fiat money, banks, financial systems, or anything else: the airplane did not replace the train or boat, and the train did not … Continue reading

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