We Are One, Yet we Fear

creemcias_limitantesIf we are One, why do we fear?

One of the confusing elements of humanity is that we fear others.  As babies we are taught to fear our parent’s anger, strangers, and many other individuals and communities that seem separate from us.  Yet, we are one.

My inner rebellious child is part of me, just as much as my angry uncle is.  Our minds carry within our subconscious what we have learned from every individual we have somehow met, and we respond to those memories with our emotions.  And those emotions make us separate or move close to those around us.

Newspapers have promoted the idea that “Blood Sells”, that violence attracts attention from the public, and this reflects our biological survival instincts to identify dangers, so we may fight or run away.  Yet we start learning to fear as children, and few of us learn to overcome childhood fears when we become adults.  Teenagers, for example, often vent their frustrations and fear as anger against what they consider injustice.   The elderly, on the other hand, often fall into despair or plain old cussedness due to their body aches and pains, and the inability to do what they used to do in their youth.   Many individuals of every age simply focus on their pain and limitations, and don’t observe that life changes and every day brings new opportunities.

Every day is a new day and if you are going into battle, you had better not be preparing for yesterday’s battle: that is a good way to lose.  As individuals we must learn from the past and find opportunity in the new day by looking towards the future, towards our goals.

We are one, yet we separate ourselves with our fear, anger, and despair.

We are one, but our unity can only manifest when we declare that we want to be counted in and that we assume responsibility as individuals for what we achieve or fail to achieve as we learn to be what we truly are: one humanity made of individual lives that decide to come together for mutual benefit.

Democracy is like that:  a government for the people, of the people and by the people.  Yet most elected representatives just stay at the first phrase, full of vanity that they know what is best for the people!  No wonder the youth and the elderly are angry!   No wonder adults feel disenfranchised!   Our representatives are often like the nobility of the past, second class inhabitants of their nations while the ruling class decides in their name.   I affirm that this is a travesty of democracy, demonstrated by rigged elections that elect dictators and autocrats.

We are one, though, and we can mature into the government of the people and by the people if we decide to.  I invite you to join me finding the way to this goal that can work for all of us.

Thanks!…………..  Manuel (Manny) Perez

About Manny Perez

President of the Democratic Heights Club, creating a new age for democracy, President of Space Renaissance USA, promoting US leadership of civilian space development, Founder and Co-Chair of the Cryptocurrency Standards Association, CRYPSA, Certified Professional Coach, www.CoachHispano.us Certified AML and Compliance Specialist. I promote success and empowerment of entrepreneurs and leaders, including those of new technology. devs.
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