An entrepreneur and a former Venezuelan Oil Industry stakeholder relations expert and community development manager, as well as an active advocacy and volunteer coordinator, in 1999 I returned to NYC, and then started a career in teaching. Having started with the NYC public school system, in 2005 I moved to the independent school system, where I taught Middle School until being asked to work with children ages 6 to 9. Soon, I returned to financial services, entrepreneurship and coaching others towards success.

In the areas of advocacy and volunteer activities, I’ve maintained my level of commitment with the different organizations I help out, presiding and organizing events as a NYS Democratic Committee Member 34th AD) and the Wood-Heights Democratic Club.

My Specialties include:

Cryptocurrency, Fraud prevention, AML, management, training and education, professional coaching, government liaison, communications, stakeholder relations, volunteer management, translation (English/Spanish), strategic planning, resource identification and acquisition,  marketing, Financial Compliance programs and public policy and helping others succeed.

Manny Perez

Manny Perez, former Oil Industry Manager and Coach.

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