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President of the Democratic Heights Club, creating a new age for democracy, President of Space Renaissance USA, promoting US leadership of civilian space development, Founder and Co-Chair of the Cryptocurrency Standards Association, CRYPSA, Certified Professional Coach, Certified AML and Compliance Specialist. I promote success and empowerment of entrepreneurs and leaders, including those of new technology. devs.

Melting Pot, Wealth Generator

The Melting Pot Brings Wealth, Power and more. As so aptly described by many authors, those who leave their homes to search for new horizons  are survivors: they face and overcome great challenges and adversity to create a better future … Continue reading

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Does Representative Democracy represent you?

We are One, so lets build Democracy by the People! We are each a single individual, yet also identify ourselves as one with our families, communities, religions, countries, etc.  In addition, I propose we remember that we, as humanity are … Continue reading

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We Are One, Yet we Fear

If we are One, why do we fear? One of the confusing elements of humanity is that we fear others.  As babies we are taught to fear our parent’s anger, strangers, and many other individuals and communities that seem separate … Continue reading

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We are Truly One

Humanity is a truly complex organism, and it is now – in the 21st Century, that we are learning how to go beyond our individual organic bodies into the interconnected possibilities of a greater collective Self.  But it is a … Continue reading

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It’s Up to Me, So “Count Me In”

Its up to you (or me).                           No one else. Even if they call you crazy. Even if they threaten you. Even if you might be wrong, its up to you to create your future! As the legendary “Think Different” Apple … Continue reading

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A Quien Agradeces por tu Exito? Tomado de mi Facebook Live, en, estos son podcasts cortos que cubren distintos topicos de interes.

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Early Tremors of the Space Renaissance

In attention to the multiple changes occurring in all areas of human endeavor, Space Renaissance USA, a group dedicated to promoting US leadership of civilian space development, wishes to point out that pressure is building within Earth’s planetary bounds and … Continue reading

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Turning a Lost Cause into a Phoenix

My focus today is on organizations that are dying, that seem lost causes and that honestly seem to be a waste of time for their leaders.  From the point of view of the different theories of group coaching and personal … Continue reading

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What? Success requires Discipline?

This might sound like a no-brainer, but I have met many adults, parents and students in the US who don’t seem to understand what discipline actually means, and why we need it to be truly successful. In much of my … Continue reading

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2 dangers/opportunities  posed by a space-age economy. Christopher Werbos, Space Renaissance USA Intern, Economics Student Approved by Space Renaissance USA Civilian development of space carries with it a plethora of benefits. Space solar power and moon-based resources may make energy, … Continue reading

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