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2 dangers/opportunities ¬†posed by a space-age economy. Christopher Werbos, Space Renaissance USA Intern, Economics Student Approved by Space Renaissance USA Civilian development of space carries with it a plethora of benefits. Space solar power and moon-based resources may make energy, … Continue reading

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Are you alone, or are you interconnected to other people? Are you dependent on specific individuals, or able to independently move within a huge network of people? Do you see yourself as able to thrive alone on a mountain top, … Continue reading

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Earning your Freedoms

If you live in the Americas or in Europe, you probably consider freedom to be a basic, God-given right, and this belief has extended worldwide to other cultures, thanks to TV and radio. But this was not always so for … Continue reading

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Civilian or Military Pilots for US Space Development?

One of the effects of the Space Renaissance is the great variety of opportunities for those individuals who want to excel at new technologies and activities.¬† These Individuals have skills and personality traits that make them prime candidates for top … Continue reading

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